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imageA query is not cached when it uses non-deterministic functions, such as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() , BNB because it will return a different value depending on when the query is executed. When the table referenced by the query received streaming inserts because any changes to the table will invalidate the cached results. If you are querying multiple tables using a wildcard.

Permet enviar i rebre transaccions i realitzar les mateixes funcionalitats que un client convencional (full client). En aquest treball s'investiga a fons el funcionament del protocol i la tecnologia que fa possible que des de un simple telèfon sigui possible interactuar amb la xarxa Bitcoin sense ni tan sols tenir descarregada ni sincronitzada la totalitat de la cadena de blocs. A més, s'ha descarregat un dels lightwallets més populars i utilitzats a la xarxa per comprovar de primera mà el seu funcionament i si aquest compleix les normes establertes per el protocol.Due to the great popularity of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, many users have decided to use portable wallets (lightweight wallets) for savings in storage capacity and the low computing power required by this type of client. A causa de la gran popularitat de la criptomoneda Bitcoin, molts usuaris han decidit utilitzar moneders portables (lightweight wallets) per l'estalvi en capacitat d'emmagatzematge i la baixa potència de còmput que requereix aquest tipus de client. It lets you manage to send and receive transactions and perform the same functionalities as a conventional client. In this essay we investigate thoroughly the operation of the technology that makes it possible from a simple telephone to interact with the Bitcoin network without even having downloaded or synchronized the whole chain of blogs.In addition, one of the most popular and used lightwallets on the network has been downloaded to verify carefully how it works and if it fulfill the rules established by the protocol.Debido a la gran popularidad de la criptomoneda Bitcoin, muchos usuarios han decidido utilizar monederos portables (lightweight wallets) para el ahorro en la capacidad de almacenamiento y la baja potencia de cómputo que requiere este tipo de cliente. Tot i les avantatges que aporta, la seva implementació és realment complexa i garantir un bon funcionament mantenint l'essència de la tecnologia i les propietats amb les quals va ser desenvolupada és tot un repte. Despite the advantages it offers, its implementation is really complex and guarantees a good operation while maintaining the essence of the technology and the properties which it was developed is a challenge. Its deployment requires so few resources that can be used in low-processing devices such as smartphones and tablets. A pesar de las ventajas que aporta, su implementación es realmente compleja y garantizar un buen funcionamiento manteniendo la esencia de la tecnología y las propiedades con las que fue desarrollada es todo un reto. Su desarrollo requiere tan pocos recursos que puede ser utilizado en dispositivos de bajo procesamiento como teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas. En este trabajo se investiga a fondo el funcionamiento del protocolo y la tecnología que hace posible que desde un simple teléfono sea posible interactuar con la red Bitcoin sin ni siquiera tener descargada ni sincronizada la totalidad de la cadena de bloques. Permite enviar y recibir transacciones y realizar las mismas funcionalidades que un cliente convencional (full client). Además, se ha descargado uno de los lightwallets más populares y utilizados en la red para comprobar de primera mano su funcionamiento y si éste cumple las normas establecidas por el protocolo. El seu desplegament requereix tant pocs recursos que pot ser utilitzat en dispositius de baix processament com telèfons intel·ligents i tàblets.

imageThe startup claims that its use of the BetterHash protocol, developed by co-founder Matt Corallo, promotes further decentralization by allowing individual miners, rather than mining pool operators, to choose which transactions go into new blocks.

For now, the unusual nonce value distribution on Bitcoin remains a mystery. The community may wish to dig into this issue further and conduct more analysis, such as reviewing mining pool software and ASICs in more detail. We would guess this is nothing more than a meaningless anomaly with a benign cause; however a mystery in Bitcoin like this could be intriguing to some analysts.

The difference between the crypto and forex is that forex is a regulated market. Government entities, such as the SEC, regulate traders and companies for operational compliance within the law. In the crypto market, it’s the wild west.

If we look at the oldest form of money, gold, then it fits this description perfectly. Still, gold is a good store of value over the centuries, and it is also divisible, fungible, and durable. However, the dense mass of gold bullion may make it challenging to transport large quantities.

Although, with respect to Slushpool the white spaces are still visible, but they are more faint. The charts appear to agree with TokenAnalyst’s data, in that the "white spaces" are more clearly visible for Antpool, than for Slushpool and Bitfury. Bitfury may not have found enough blocks for one to see a clear pattern. We have also produced an individual scatter chart for Antpool,, crypto F2Pool, Slushpool and Bitfury. A statistical analysis may also be possible, although the human brain interpreting these scatter charts may be just as useful compared to some forms of statistical analysis.

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